NoEarlyBirds - Per Söderberg
NEB Cabinet "la Pasticceria"

NEB Cabinet "la Pasticceria"

The cabinet ”la Pasticceria” is inspired by the classic Milanese pastry shops. In the evenings, the windows are closed with a simple curtain, and during daytime they open up to display all the delicious articles.
“Living in Milan as a student I would occasionally stop and enter a shop, absorbing the noice, the smells, the atmosphere and the people, not to mention the pastries.
It was as inspiring then as it is now, thinking back.” (Per Söderberg)
The cabinet ”la Pasticceria” may be used as kitchen cabinet storing plates or glass. But it just as easily becomes a beautiful book shelf or “cabinet de curiosité”.

• Birch plywood with oak veneer coated with white wax.

Steel tube cross legs
• White, black, grey or dark green.

Circular fittings
• White,  black, grey or dark green powder-coated metal
• Steel
• Brass

Dimensions (cm)
Width 122
Depth 40
Height 161
49700 SEK